To apply for a STR Visa, please follow the below mentioned steps;


  1. Fill in your tourist visa application form and make the payment on this website


  1. Gather all the below mentioned documents


  1. Original passport, signed and with at least six months remaining validity
  2. 4x duly completed visa application form
  3. 4x Visa Payment Slip (obtained after the online application ( is complete)
  4. 4x recent photograph (no laser copies), passport size
  5. 4x Bank account statement for the last 6 months
  6. Proof of travel: photocopy of round trip air ticket or travel itinerary
  7. 4x Letter of employment
  8. 4x Letter of acceptance
  9. 4x CV
  10. Certificate of Incorporation (Company Registration) from the company you are visiting
  11. Cablegram approval from the Comptroller General of Immigration, Abuja for TWP
  12. Copy of International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever (Yellow Health
  13. Letter of financial guarantee from company in the country where you are resident, which should also state the following: name and position of the applicant in the country, purpose of visit, business contact and duration of stay.
  14. A trackable self-addressed return envelope to fit A4 paper (preferable express post) to send back your passport


  1. Send all the above mentioned documents by post to the below address;

Nigeria High Commission

26 Guilfoyle Street

Yarralumla ACT 2600

Mission is not responsible for loss of documents during transit

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